Why Choose BCA Program? - Geeta University

 The country’s largest employer is the information technology sector, which is projected to grow over the coming many times. As a result, there’s a significant increase in demand for IT workers. Communication and information systems are fleetly expanding, and they’re now virtually needed factors of every company’s strategic plan.

 Companies that want to take advantage of the most recent communication and information technologies bear largely good labor force who can apply computer wisdom principles to problems that arise at the junction of business and technology.

 Because of the exponentially growing demand for computer professionals, the Bachelor of Computer Application( BCA) is the most popular undergraduate program choice.

Geeta University’s BCA program is developed with significant input from academic and business professionals. Stylish practices in the assiduity are heavily emphasized, with soft chops, core computer wisdom, programming languages, and operation- acquainted courses rounding out the class.

Computer operation professionals study  administration, networking, and integration. They learn how to program systems, produce software, dissect systems, manage systems, and manage systems.

Advantages of a Bachelor of Computer Application( BCA):

1. A Multifaceted Career:

Because good computer masterminds are in high demand, BCA can help you make a multifaceted career in business.However, you can work in the following fields: healthcare, information technology, if you have a BCA degree.

2. High- Paying Jobs:

Computer masterminds are among the highest- paid professionals moment. With a BCA degree, you can be among the highest- paid freshers in the assiduity.

3. Global Career openings:

As preliminarily stated, computer masterminds have multitudinous job openings in a variety of diligence, so a BCA degree can lead to multitudinous global career openings.

4. Education Affordability:

While numerous undergraduate degrees are relatively expensive to pursue, a BCA is one of the further affordable options. A BCA is the stylish option if you want to work in computer engineering but do not want to spend a lot of money


Following the completion of your BCA, you may seek employment in the following fields:

  • IT consulting companies
  • Banks and investment enterprises
  • Fiscal institutions
  • Governmental organisations
  • Software creation
  • Security companies
  • Network operation companies
  • BPO’s
  • Website and Web operation development enterprises Game design enterprises
  • Advertising enterprises


A career in a number of affiliated professions can be started with the help of a foundational course like BCA. There are several available positions. There are a many of the further interesting:

1. System Engineers:

They develop, test, apply, and assay the company’s software and systems. They’re employed by various companies like Wipro, HP, Infosys, and TCS.

2. Programmer :

Depending on the needs of the company, programmers write code for various software companies in high-level or low-level languages. COBOL, Assembly, and other low-level languages are examples of low-level languages, whereas high-level languages include C, C++, and Java.

3.Web developer:

Websites and web apps are created by web developers for product companies or web development firms. When working with HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Python, Angular JS, and Node JS is necessary for this. Here, a front-end or back-end developer could be employed

4. Server Administrator:

Server administrators are frequently required in large organizations, educational institutions, and financial institutions. The company’s server needs to be set up, maintained, and scaled (as needed) while ensuring sure nothing goes wrong. Because servers are necessary for every organization, this is a profession with many important responsibilities.


BCA graduates have a lot of prospects, and their options are nearly endless, both domestically and internationally. Jobs in the public, private, and governmental sectors are included.

Keep an eye out for MCA admission examinations at the state and civil situations. You should look into it because numerous transnational institutions accept scholars for MCA program. In addition to MCA, there are many fresh study paths you can follow subsequently, similar as :

o MBA          

o Information Security Management

o Masters in Information Management

o Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science

o Postgraduate Parchment in Machine literacy and AI


The demand for website inventors, marketing professionals, Java, C, and other programming languages has been fleetly enhancing. A BCA education will enable you to seize chances in a stress-free terrain as the work from home culture grows.