More than 95% students pass their class 10th and 12th Board examination, but how many of them make an effective choice post the completion of their respective educational milestones. It is rather significant to be mindful of the choices you 

Why career guidance is important after 10th and 12th class ?

More than 95% students pass their class 10th and 12th Board examination, but how many of them make an effective choice post the completion of their respective educational milestones. It is rather significant to be mindful of the choices you make for yourself since it would directly impact the career of you choose for yourself. But not all the students have mapped their trajectory leading to a successful career, some are often seen clueless and confused figuring what to do next?


In order to mitigate your worries concerning your future, Geeta University has come to your rescue. Mentioned below is a comprehensive guide you can refer to, for a better understanding of your choices, available courses, and their pros and cons.


● Pursuit of Higher Education

First things first and you shall continue with your studies and complete your schooling. And that requires you to choose from a list of subjects that are offered after the completion of your 10th standard. You need to keep in mind your personal interests, goals, passion, inclination towards a particular subject before settling for the big decision.

● Choosing the right subject

There are multiple ways to select the appropriate subject in grade 11. Although it is one of the most important decisions that the students have to make for themselves, it is frequently observed that due to parental pressure and lots and lots of advice from everyone around leads to irreparable consequences. Following options could be considered before finalizing the stream:

Career Counselor- Getting in touch with the counselor to acquaint oneself with the array of options that accompany your choice of subject selection can prove to be immensely helpful. Counselors are professionals in their field and provide you with the expertise that further drives you closer to your goals. And to your advantage, one-to-one counseling is considered immensely important in Geeta University. Various workshops for counseling sessions alongside the assistance of professional counselors are conducted as well.

Test Assessment- taking up a suitable assessment helps you in clearing up the confusion and points you in the right direction. For example, attempting an Aptitude test that it will determine your career interests, values, and preferences. It will provide you with a rather interesting glance into yourself by revealing what subject inspires and intrigues you the most.

Connecting with the alumni - this could prove to be beneficial if you put your networking skills to use effectively and connect with your seniors or alumni in order to get a closer look at their experience with various subjects.

● Commerce

First thing that comes to mind when we think of commerce is Business. But it is not just limited to that, and instead covers a long list of exciting options that particularly interest you if you are fascinated by numbers, finance, industrial sectors and commercial operations. Following subjects are offered in the commerce stream:

■ Accounts

■ Business Studies

■ Mathematics

■ Economics

■ English (Language subject)

● Medical/Science

Well all of us have witnessed the working of doctors in the previous two years due to the pandemic. Even though it is not an easy task, the profession of the medical staff is highly rewarding at the same time. The ladder to become a doctor begins by opting science as your subject option in 11th standard. If you’re attracted to the field of medication and scientific discoveries then you can think of choosing science. Following are core subjects offered in the Science stream:

■ Physics

■ Biology

■ Chemistry

● Non-Medical

There is a common misconception associated with this field that only “Intelligent” students or students with extraordinary previous results opt for this field, but that is not entirely true, as your academic success is dependent on the amount of work you put in along with your ability to be consistent and fully concentrate towards the subjects. One feature that makes this field stand apart from other fields is the inclusion of practical knowledge even more than the theoretical part. Following are the core subjects offered in Non-medical branch of science:

■ Physics

■ Chemistry

■ Mathematics

● Arts/Humanities

This one field is a rather new addition to the entire lot when it comes to the stream selection. Humanities has now become more popular than ever in the contemporary world because of its dynamic subject options and growing influence of social sciences all across the globe. This stream places greater significance on the theoretical aspect and focuses on the in-depth learning of different subjects. The list below shows the subjects offered to the students from Arts stream:

■ Geography

■ Sociology

■ Others

■ Political Science

■ History

■ Economics

■ Psychology

● Diploma courses

Instead of taking a conventional path for establishing a successful career by completing senior secondary schooling, one might choose to pursue a diploma course. The learning experience a student gains from the pursuit of a diploma course is unmatched, with an advantage of choosing the program they think is better for their field of interest. Following is the list for some of the courses that a student can opt for:

■ Diploma in Digital marketing

■ Diploma in Hotel management

■ Diploma in Photography

■ Diploma in Tourism

■ Diploma in Web Designing

● Attaining Soft-skills

In today’s fast-paced world, an individual surely needs to have a robust personality. Henceforth, in order to shine differently from the crowd one needs to develop certain soft-skills that will go hand in hand irrespective of any career they choose to follow. Soft skills are the underlying reflections of your potential. Developing soft skills would also help the students in future to adapt better at the workplace. Following are some of the important soft skills that the students must develop:

■ Interpersonal skills

■ Team-work

■ Decision making

■ Communication skills

■ Problem solving

Career options to look after 12th

Not everyone has a full-fledged plan to follow after the completion of 12th grade, which leads to some haphazard decisions altering your career choices. But a little planning and effort to gauge the right resources can make the entire process a lot easier and less stressful. As a matter of the fact there is a list of lucrative options to consider on the part of the students. And Geeta University helps its students reach their full potential as well-groomed individuals by integrating the intellectual, technical, personal, and artistic-cultural talents into their educational environment. You can refer below to learn about the subject-wise courses available for different courses here in Geeta University.

● Attaining Soft-skills

  • A decision was made after 10th standard and if that choice still aligns with your interests and goals than you pursue your graduation in the same subject since you are more likely to succeed in the subject.

● Changing subjects for graduation

  • It is not the end of the world and you should go ahead with the course you feel is best for you and correlates with your field of interest. There are a variety of options for you to explore and many universities all across India and even outside the country accept students with non background in a particular subject. 

A. Course options after pursuing Science (Medical and non-medical):

It is one of the most sought after stream when it comes to choosing subjects for higher studies. Some of the most conventional options for graduation are offered under this field. Following are the go to course options that we at Geeta University offer for the students wishing to pursue their career in either medical or non-medical branch of science field.


● Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

● Diploma In Computer Science Engineering

● Diploma In Civil Engineering

● B.Tech. In Mechanical Engineering

● B.Tech. In Civil Engineering

● B.Tech. In Electronics and Communications Engineering

● B.Tech. In Computer Science Engineering

● B.Tech (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering

● B.Tech. (Hons.) Electronics & Communication Engineering

● B.Tech. (Hons.) Civil Engineering

● B.Tech. CSE + MBA (Integrated)

● B.Tech. CSE (Integrated)

● M.Tech. In Mechanical Engineering

● M.Tech. In Computer Science Engineering

● M.Tech. In Civil Engineering

● M.Tech. In Electronics and Communications Engineering

● Ph.D. In Mechanical Engineering

● Ph.D. In Computer Science Engineering

● Ph.D. In Civil Engineering

● Ph.D. In Electronics and Communications Engineering


● Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

● Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)


● B.Sc. (Hons.)

● B.Sc. (Hons.) in Forensic Sciences

● B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics

● B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry

● B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics

● B.Sc. (Hons.) in Microbiology

● M.Sc.

● M.Sc. in Chemistry

● M.Sc. in Physics

● M.Sc. in Mathematics

● M.Sc. in Microbiology

● M.Sc. in Forensic Sci.


● B.Sc. In Public Health

● B.Sc. In Food Technology

● B.Sc. In Nutrition & Dietetics

● B.Sc. In Yogic Science

● B.Tech. In Medical Lab Technology

● M.Sc. In Nutrition & Dietetics



● BCA Hons. Industry Integrated Program In Artificial Int. & Machine Learning

● BCA Hons. Industry Integrated Program In Data Science & Analytics

● BCA Hons. Industry Integrated Program in Cyber Security

● BCA Hons. Industry Integrated Program in Cloud Computing

● BCA Hons. Industry Integrated Program Full Stack Web Development in tie up with Code quotient



● B. Design (Fashion Design)

● B. Design (Product Design)

● B. Design (Interior Design)

● B. Design (Communication Design)

● B.Sc. Interior Design


● B.Sc. (Hons.) In Agricultural Sciences

● M.Sc. In Agricultural Sciences

● D.Pharmacy

● B.Pharmacy


● Drone Technology

● Block Chain

● Data Science

● Cyber Technology

● Artificial Intelligence

● Web Design

● Digital Marketing

B. Course options after pursuing commerce:

Commerce is the most popular field out of all the existing options. It provides students with an opportunity to explore the realm of business, economics, finance, accounting, banking and trade very closely. Graduation courses for commerce field consist of very promising options, which result in countless professional possibilities. We are pleased to inform you that here, at Geeta University, we offer a wide variety of courses in the field of commerce that caters to the dynamic needs of the students. Given below is a full list of courses offered by Geeta University. 


● B.Com.

● M.Com.

● Ph.D.



● BBA(Hons.)

● BBA+MBA(Integrated)

● MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

● PG Diploma In (Maritime Business Management)

● PG Diploma In (Entrepreneurship)

● PG Diploma In (Innovation & Design Thinking)

● Ph.D. In Management

3. LAW

● L.L.M.

● LL.B.

● B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)

● BBA.LL.B. (Hons.)

C. Course options after pursuing humanities/arts:

Unlike the most STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) courses the options related too humanities are not just limited to the mainstream and conventional options. Rather, it is the most versatile field interconnected with number of other disciplines, for example- a business psychologist belongs to the background of arts but with right of knowledge to grow the business. 

We at geeta university understand, that every individual is unique, owing to which we serve a broad line up and several for you to choose and grow closer to your goals.


● B.A. (Hons.) In Economics

● B.A. (Hons.) In Political Science

● B.A. (Hons.) In English

● B.A. (Hons.) In Psychology

● B.A. (Hons.) In Performing Arts

● B.A. (Hons.) In Fine Arts

● M.A. In Economics

● M.A. In English

● M.A. In Psychology

● M.A. In Performing Arts

● M.A. In Fine Arts

● M.A. In Sociology


● B.A. (Hons.) In Journalism & Mass Comm.

● B.A. In Film & Television Studies

● B.Sc. In Animation, VFX & Gaming

● M.A. In Journalism & Mass Communication

● M.Sc. In Animation, & Multimedia Technology

C. Higher education in abroad

A dilemma that a student faces for the pursuit of their higher education is whether to continue studying in their own country or to move abroad. The whole experience has its own pros and cons. On one hand, the global exposure to the student can prove to be profusely favorable to the student since he/she develops a wider perspective from people of different cultures and lifestyle. Contrary, to this the expenses involved in the entire process could dig a huge hole in the pocket, and not every can afford the education across border.

Even though, the willingness to learn and educate oneself comes with no age barrier, but the most common pathways that are undertaken for education in abroad are:

  •  Bachelors
  •  Masters

Both of these courses required a predefined set of documents ,and other than that the applicant should also appear for the relevant exam as per the requirement of the university and the country selection.

The table shows the eligibility criterion for studying abroad:

Eligibility requirement for Bachelors degree Eligibility requirement for Masters degree
High School Certificate Relevant Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university
Standardized Scores Portfolio of past work experience
English Language Proficiency English Proficiency Test
Letter of Recommendation GRE/ GMAT Scores (subject to country)
Personal Essay Letter of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Resume (CV)
Admission Essay


Geeta University takes pleasure in welcoming you to start your new chapter with us especially with the new academic session around the corner. We are the pioneers in implementing the NEP-New Education Policy, 2020 in the state of Haryana. So you get an advantage of witnessing a newly introduced educational reform along with its several characteristics.

Following are the noteworthy features that we offering here at Geeta University-

  • Teaching-learning methodology based on outcome based education.
  • Curriculum designed for multiple encrypts using the choice-based credit system.
  • Use of hybrid teaching methodology with extensive industry connects.
  • Industry collaborated programs to create Complete Corporate Citizens.
  • Opportunity for interdisciplinary study and research to cater to individual’s interests and passions.
  • Individual career plan to fulfill the aspirations of each and every student.

We firmly believe that education is the most powerful tool in the hand of a student, and it should not be suffered at any cost. Thus, we have got you covered with a full provision of scholarships for you not to stop dreaming and continue to fulfill your aspirations. If you have the potential and zeal to excel, than Geeta University is the one stop destination for you learn, explore and grow.

The following table highlights all the different types that are provided for the assistance of students across all the courses.

6. COVID-19

Hoping this served the right purpose for all the prospective students in reaching closer to their goals. Geeta University is looking forward to welcoming you on the next and the most memorable chapter of your life.