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Bachelor of Computer Application, or BCA. Data structures, database systems, and computer networks are the three main focuses of BCA. Institutions provide both regular and distance learning programmes. It is a three-year programme that is typically broken down into six semesters. Accounting applications, Animation, Computer graphics, Database Management, Internet Technologies, System Analysis, Word Processing, and Programming Languages are just a few of the BCA specialties available

Eligibility Criteria:

You must obtain a minimum of 50% in your plus two or equivalent exams with computer science or computer application as an additional subject in order to be admitted to a BCA degree programme. Admission may be granted based on merit or through an entrance exam. The age requirement to enrol in the BCA programme is 18. For admission to a BCA programme, there are entrance exams at both the state and national levels.

Benefits of BCA:

As a programmer or software developer, you may have a variety of job options. You study computer programming languages like C, JAVA, etc. as part of your BCA education. Students get knowledge that they can use to create applications and systems that can transform the world. It offers a stage on which to display your abilities and potential. You have the opportunity to go more deeply into your chosen interests. A BCA expert may work at a distance. They are not even required to visit the office. BCA specialists are more satisfied with their jobs than those in other fields and industries.

Scope after completing BCA:

Higher Studies after BCA:

You can also pursue higher education programmes like the Master of Science in Information and Technology, Master of Computer Applications, Master of Computer Management, Master of Information Management, Master of Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, G-CAT Master, and Post Graduate Programme in Corporate Studies. Following a BCA, higher education courses address the fundamentals of computer applications. These topics are an extension of your graduation-level coursework. The primary study areas for higher education are computer networks, Java programming, software project management, Visual C++, computer architecture, and data structures. You have additional opportunities in the job market thanks to all of these postgraduate studies.

Jobs in IT Sector:

Companies with a BCA degree are looking for skilled candidates. You get a promising career as a result. Both in India and overseas, demand for BCA graduates is constant. For BCA graduates with the necessary technical capabilities, top companies like Infosys, Oracle, IBM, and several other MNCs undertake recruiting drives. Following a BCA, desirable employment roles include system engineer, web developer, programmer, server administrator, software or application developer, and network administrator.

System Engineer:

The organization’s installed systems and infrastructure are all managed and watched over by the system engineer. He is in charge of setting up, maintaining, testing, and configuring management tools, application software, and operating systems. He collaborates with vendors and other IT staff to find solutions to issues. Maintain your redundancy, backup, and security measures. Both the IT and government sectors are hiring System Engineers.

Web Developer:

Web applications and websites must be developed by web developers. Utilize HTML/CSS best practises to create a website’s layout or user interface. For web developers, both full-time and part-time positions are available. A web developer’s job is to design and build the website in accordance with business requirements and maintain it updated as needed. You can attend an interview after receiving your BCA degree and, if chosen, begin working as a web developer.


The foundation of the information and technology industries is programming languages. Programmers develop thousands of new programming languages every year. Always be sure to pick up languages that are widely spoken. You can succeed in any area of technology and computer using these languages. Programmers Writing, modifying, and debugging server application software. Working in the programming industry might earn you a competitive compensation.

Server Administrator:

All of an organization’s servers are under the server administrator’s supervision. A server administrator has more and more opportunities available to them every day. There are openings both domestically and overseas. It is a well-paid position. In the US, a Windows Server Administrator can expect to make an average pay of $80,167 per year.

Software or Application Developer:

After BCA, the primary responsibility of a software developer is that of a trainer. In order to study and become an expert in many computer languages, he must create software. A project will be given to the software developer trainee once he has mastered a specific computer language. As a trainee, you may make between three and four lakhs each year. You could hone your talents while working as a trainee to land employment with higher pay possibilities. Applications made by software developers enable users to do particular tasks on computers and mobile devices. They frequently work for computer makers and companies.

Network Administrator:

Computer networks are managed by network administrators. It requires full-time employment. According to the demands of the companies, network administrators must put in extra time. It is a difficult career for new graduates. Network configurations and cable layout documentation are created and maintained by network administrators.


You can work as a freelancer or design your own application or programme in addition to working in sectors including banks and investment firms, software development companies, governmental organisations, and financial institutions. A freelancer works for themselves. He has no ties to any specific business. After completing your BCA, you might start freelancing and earn well without making any investments. You merely need exceptional skills for that. The BCA degree can be used by all computer science workers to further their professional development every day.

Government Jobs:

Computer specialists are also sought for by government agencies like NIC, Indian Air Force, Navy, Police, Railways, and Army for their various IT departments. Jobs for BCA students are available at the Indian Institute of Technology, the Education Board, the Central Medical Services Society, cooperative banks, the High Court, and the Agriculture Research Institute. BCA degree holders are also being invited for various opportunities by public sectors like BHEL. Fresh BCA graduates have a variety of professional options thanks to government organisations like the Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Indian Institute of Millets Research, Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, and National Institute of Open Schooling.

Blockchain Professional:

For BCA professionals, the new field of blockchain technology offers a variety of job options. As a manager or blockchain developer, you can work in this field. Their primary responsibility is working with blockchain-related tools including Java, Solidity, the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols. For blockchain demand and control, blockchain specialists create cutting-edge solutions. A blockchain developer might make about six lakhs a year. Leading businesses are employing blockchain managers and developers, including IBM and Accenture. The number of knowledgeable experts in this sector is extremely low. Therefore, the salaries that businesses offer are worthwhile.

Data Scientist:

After earning your BCA, you might choose to work as a data scientist. Along with your BCA, taking certification courses in data visualisation, predictive analysis, big data, and machine learning can provide you an edge in the job market for data scientists. Data scientists are professionals in analysis. To identify trends and handle data, they make use of their technological and social science expertise. You need to build an online portfolio to show potential employers your projects and successes in order to land a job as a data scientist. You could also pick a business that will help you advance your career. As a new employee, you might be performing analytical tasks rather than data scientist-related ones. Your experience will help you learn more, preparing you for roles with greater responsibility.

Jobs in Banks:

Additionally, banks are hiring BCA graduates. Depending on your interest, it may be in operations or sales. Optics is a good option if you require a steady employment. Sales might be a fantastic alternative if you wanted to make good money. Graduates are hired by banks as probationary officers and clerks. Exams are being held by IBPS for a range of positions in a range of banks. Any graduate will choose the probationary officer position among other jobs. Make an effort to perform well on the IBPS exam. After that, several banks would post job listings on their websites. On the basis of your IBPS results and the cut-off scores, you may apply for these positions. After that, you must also show up for a private interview and group discussion session.

You have the opportunity to select your career path if you pursue a BCA. There are also a lot of opportunities in the market. You can pick the industries you want. BCA places less emphasis on hardware and is primarily software-oriented. Consequently, you won’t have to put in manual labour. The BCA stream’s professionals make a lot of money. These professionals will always earn five figures every year. They develop both technical and interpersonal abilities while they are studying. It gives them the assurance to create any application, no matter the industry or domain. As a result, it is among the greatest courses you may enrol in after earning your Plus Two because it offers financial security and professional advancement.