Top 5 design specializations in 2023: Career, scope, job roles and salary - Geeta University

Everywhere you look, design is where innovations flourish and where the creative mind and technology converge. Designers are in greater demand than ever thanks to the changing times, making it one of the most profitable professions.

Given the broad scope of design, there are numerous design specialities available in the market, spread across various industries. Here are some of the most in-demand and well-liked specialities for 2022.

Interior Design:

When it comes to professions in design, interior design is one of the most popular specializations. Students that take an interior design course learn how to apply scientific ideas and theories to develop their individual artistic talents and considerably enhance their work.

 A building’s interior can be decorated using science to provide a distinctive and enjoyable view and surroundings. Interior design is a combination of art and science. Interior designers are experts that transform their bold concepts into reality while maintaining environmental safety.

Interior designers can choose from a wide range of prospects worldwide. Interior designers in India make between 4 and 10 lakhs rupees a year. You can choose from jobs like lighting designer, merchandise designer, interior and spatial designer, Design Educator, Scenographer, Furniture Designer, Lighting Designer, Hospitality Consultant, Sustainable interiors Consultant, Building Pathologist, Systems Designer, Media Visualizer, Curatorial Consultant, Community Designer, User Experience Designer, Interior Journalist, Illustrator, Interiors Stylist.

Industrial Design:

Industry is searching for design engineers. Usability, shape, function, aesthetics, material, technology, and sustainability are all addressed by industrial design in the context of goods, services, and systems. In order to benefit businesses, communities, and individuals, our students investigate innovative thinking and problem-solving techniques.

 A product manager, CMF (color material finish) designer, lighting designer, toy and game designer, medical product design expert, furniture product designer (mass produced furniture), accessory designer (mass produced footwear, bags, and vehicle interiors), and accessory designer (accessories) are all positions that an industrial designer can play that are crucial to the success of a product.

Product design is one of the highest paying fields, with an average annual salary of 6 lakhs and significant market value. Almost every design, including the construction of staplers, dining chairs, gadgets, and other items, is the result of the work of product designers.

Interaction Design:

The animations, micro-animations, and movies seen in digital goods that we use on a daily basis are all the work of motion designers. Motion designers are renowned for producing visuals for film and television in addition to digital products. Motion designers play a significant part in everything from advertising to movie trailers.

A bachelor’s degree with a broad understanding of technical skills like Animation perspective, 3D modeling, adaptability, texturing and lighting effects as well as soft skills is required for all positions in the field of motion design. There is no single way to complete this educational requirement. Software firms, computer manufacturers, advertising agencies, and similar businesses frequently employ motion designers. It is possible to find employment in the fields of installations, storytelling/film, product design, communication design, education, wearable technology, mobile applications, human-robot interaction, web design, and service design.

One of the strongest career prospects in design is motion design, which offers salaries of up to 4 lakhs annually.

UI /UX Design:

Designing a screen for the user to travel through and producing visual touchpoints to make this movement simple and fluid is one of a UI designer’s job duties. This programme targets the new, technologically savvy, young audiences who are equally at home in the physical world as they are in the virtual one. One can work for large organizations and technology firms, as well as for startups creating digital goods and apps, which are needed in every industry.

The average annual income for UI designers is 5 lakhs, yet as candidates get more expertise, their pay may rise to an unpredictably high level.

One of the most lucrative occupations in design, UX design pays significantly more than other fields. Designers of user interfaces are familiar with the systematic method of issue solving. Businesses that create software require UI/UX Designers to interpret the human-computer intBased on expertise and accomplishments, UX designers in India can expect to make between 16 and 47 lakhs per year.


For people with artistic talent and a basic understanding of how to use animation tools and software, animation is a lucrative employment option. Discovering more about well-liked animation occupations that are worthwhile pursuing for future growth may be helpful if you have a desired interest in this industry.

The starting package for animation film designers is between 6.5 and 8 lakhs, which is acceptable, but we also need to demonstrate the higher limits. Animation film designers are successfully employed in production houses, TV channels, independent animation studios, digital gaming studios, UI/UX, and e-learning companies.

Many alumni of animation programmers own and operate profitable studios and play important roles in the Indian animation industry.