The term IPR is basically described as the kinds of ideas, inventions, and also the creative expressions upon which there are some interests in bestow the status of properties. It is always basically pre-conditioned or pre-designed for the better identifications, planning to be done, commercialization and also the protection of the inventions or the creativity is done.

There are certain types IPR present like Patents, Copyrights, TradeMarks, etc., on which the GEETA UNIVERSITY is providing the specializations to the students in accordance with their interests in which they want to pursue further on, in their future course through thesis submissions and through the practical also. Copyrights and Patents are the mostly done by the students in their courses which will widely help them in their future also, because every industry has always got their own evolved policies, their own management styles, their own strategies depending on their specialty as IPR plays a very crucial role in today’s modern world.

With the expertise present in Geeta University, it providesthe best form to the students who are pursuing this course while doing their specialization in law. As in IPR course with the rise in focuses on the innovations, researches, or the cross-boarders collaborations, there are certain need to learn bout al this for the safety as the inventions has got increased in amongst the students.

Also for doing the sustainable development, there is the massive gain in understanding for the importance of IPRs because several countries has turn to look with the various innovations and creativity.  The term IPR used to work for the safeguards for the human to protect the products of the human intellect as same as with that of the physical properties.

GEETA UNIVERSITY is helping the students to get well qualified in the most needed things in today’s world, i.e., the COPYRIGHTS and the PATENTS by having the master’s degree by doing the specialized course. This can be compiled within a year only and after the licensing is done one can then easily proceed with workings in which they are interested in further. Several theories are to be taught to the students in their course, with help of which they are able to do their productions done in an appropriate manner.


Theories like :The Natural RightsTheory has been constructed on the basis of John Locke’s idea.The Utilitarian Theory is based on the Benthamite ideal of “the greatest good for the greatest number.”The Deterrence Theory supports morality.The Ethic and Reward Theory promotes the ethical and moral aspect of intellectual property rights.The Personhood Theory, which was propounded by Kant and Hegel.  On all these, the students are required to get themselves expertise so that they can approach further in future.

In today’s life, these terms play a very crucial role in all the things as this helps any person to protect their investments which they all have made, whether it is in the form  ofmaterialistic manner or in term of giving the time to the produced things. Because all these will help in getting the authorizations in the market as well related to their productions made.  Ass this may help them to get it count as an effective efforts made from their side. Also this will get the person to have some basic pay for the work made, because this will help the things to make this as the sense of for the moral as well as for the socio-economic methods, will leads to be a kind of help for the public and also the private rights.


This education is on the term IPR must be encouraged among the students so that they may have something useful work for them. As everyone is having the right to freely participate in the community life. For which the Article 27 has the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

Intellectual Property as an Instrument of Development:

This cannot be considered as the global phenomenon because of it’s increase in time. The impotance of this varies and go with time to time as required with the needs. Some of the major factors which are  basically responsible are:  

  • The amount of resources that different countries allocate and spend towards the creation of intellectual assets ; and,
  • The amount of the protected knowledge and the information that are basically used in the process of productions.

Basically one can cover the things by getting the things out with the research and development activities, to check the magnitude of the resources which are devoted towards the creation of new knowledge and the information’s for the country’s expenditure.

As one can see that there are rise in the participation of the private sectors which also leads to the rise in the reliance on the IPR protection from their side just for seeking the state protection from any kind of barriers on their intellectual property rights, because these can be considered as the one of the general major factors which are basically responsible for the rise in R&D funding for the growing importance.

 Therefore, we can say that as there is rise in the participation of the private sectors, a trend has been done to have a great flow towards the reliance on the IPRs and so on.


  • To encourage in the widespread awareness and understanding of the role that the IPR plays in fostering a creative and the innovative culture.
  • To encourage the protection of IP achievements through the increase in the registration of the rights.
  • To educate the participants on how to respond to the infringements of the rights including the patent rights ones.
  • To educate about the protection and enforcement of IPRs from the other infringements.
  • Too get a rise in the level of IP awareness in the universities and also the collages particularly amongst the students as well as the scholars.
  • To get the establishment linkage in between the industry and also the academics on IPR.


Awareness is one of the major things to get to the members or the authorized ones. Because this will majorly help them go get help among the various policies to get covered within the specific fields of their work. In starting the basic and the important objective was to create the awareness to the Small and the also the Medium Enterprises to protect their own IPs.

Regarding all this various sessions have been done just to create the awareness to the authorized personals regarding the same which will help them to work accordingly in more effective and in an efficient manner. With sake in instance, by means of copyrights and the patents, there are authors, inventors, designers and the developers also who will help in the developed ideas. Basically, the main functioning and the working of them is to focus to prevent others from wrongly profiting from their creations or inventions. It also gives them an opportunity to earn back the money they invested in developing a product.

To cover all these kinds of functioning and the proper moderations, which is to be taken into consideration, Geeta University is helping out the students to get the specializations in their specialized way in accordance to their course, in which they are specializing.


There are several types of the Intellectual Property Rights, on which one can do the specializations projects. Some of them are:

  • Patents:
    Patents protect an invention or a technical product or process. It is unlawful for others to make, use, resell, rent out, or supply the patented object or process. The patent holder may however give others permission to do so by granting a Patent License.
  • Copyright:
    Copyright protects works of literature, scholarship, science and art. These include books, films, paintings, music, games, photographs and software. Copyright is regulated by the Copyrights Act. Copyright exists automatically, so there is no need to register or apply for it. Anyone who makes a drawing at their desk at home automatically owns the copyright to it.


  • Neighbouring rights:
    In addition to copyright, there are ‘neighbouring rights’, also known as ‘related rights’. These rights protect the work of performers, music and film producers, and broadcasting companies. This protection is closely related to that offered by copyright, which explains why they are called ‘neighbouring’ or ‘related’ rights. Like copyright, these rights arise automatically, as is laid down in the Neighbouring Rights Act.
  • Trademarks:
    Entrepreneurs can use a trademark to distinguish their products or services from other products and services. Trademark rights protect the names of products or services. They also protect a product’s logo and the design of its packaging. Entrepreneurs must register their trademark if they want to protect it.


  • Design rights :
    Design rights protect the appearance of two- or three-dimensional products. These include wallpaper patterns, textiles and the design of household items such as alarm clocks, toys and chairs. To obtain this form of protection, a design must first be registered. It must also be new.
  • Database rights :
    Databases consisting of collections of ordered data may be protected by database rights. This includes official publications on Overheid.nland statistical data on the website of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Building up such a database often requires a considerable investment of time and money. That is why the producers of databases are protected by the Databases (Legal Protection) Act.
  • Tradename law Tradename law protects the name under which an enterprise does business. A Tradename comes into being automatically, as soon as the enterprise starts operating. The owner does not have to register the Tradename in the commercial register. The protection of trade names is regulated in the Tradenames Act.


These things basically concludes that, there are several theories, types, norms for knowing the working on the protection of the scholars, who are doing or who wants to pursue their master’s classes in these given structures. As Geeta Univerity helps the students in an effective and also in an efficient manner to work on their skills in theory as well as in their practical forms. Rather than this, there are several things which are basically taken into consideration while performing their theories as well their practicals.