Future Job Opportunities after MBA in Sales and Marketing – Geeta University

It is not enough for a company to have a good product or provide outstanding service; it must also convey what it has to offer and then sell it. Their primary goal is to profitably market and sell their goods and services. The sales and marketing department devises a strategy plan to boost the company’s worth and profits by selling items and services within the company’s scope. To stay up with the latest trends, a company’s sales and marketing departments are critical. MBA is one of the most sought-after and challenging professional degrees worldwide. An MBA in sales and marketing can lead to a variety of job opportunities in a variety of sectors. This post is for you if you have an MBA in sales and marketing and are seeking for potential work opportunities:

Sales and Marketing Executive/ Manager:

 They perform a wide range of responsibilities, including product/service demonstrations, market research, budget planning, client interaction, marketing and sales strategy development, and competitor analysis. They also make sure that product information is easily accessible to clients in a variety of formats. Sales and marketing managers work in a variety of industries, from healthcare to technology. Their typical pay might range from 4 to 8 LPA.

Brand Management:

The foundation of marketing is brand management. It is the process of devising and implementing a marketing strategy for a company’s brand. It’s the result of dividing and segmenting the target audience and the business. To improve the quality of a brand, brand managers employ a variety of strategies. Collective data, brand promotions, and researching the audience’s behaviour towards the brand are some of these ways. Brand managers serve as mediators, ensuring that the brand and its customers have a positive relationship. In India, brand managers earn between 7 and 12 LPA on average.


Advertising establishes brand identification and is hence an important part of sales and marketing. Any brand, product, or service is promoted through advertising. This can be done in a variety of ways, including television, radio, email, and internet marketing. Advertising allows a candidate to express themselves creatively. This industry necessitates the creation of appealing headlines as well as keeping up with the latest advertising trends. An advertising professional’s average income in India is 3.6-10 LPA.

Digital and Media Marketing Managers:

Every business nowadays has a website that necessitates a steady increase in internet traffic. Professionals in digital marketing play a critical role in increasing brand or product exposure on the internet. In order to increase the company’s business, they use various digital technologies such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Media managers are in charge of carrying out the product’s advertising strategy and achieving the company’s objectives. Digital and Media Marketing Managers in India earn an average of 7.2 LPA.

Market Research Analyst:

A Market Research Analyst solves a specific problem in the market. They compile all market data and target the audience that is most interested in their products. Market Research Analysts are responsible for analysing consumer priorities and preferences in order to assist companies in determining how to market, package, and sell their products. In order to acquire data and construct marketing plans, they create surveys and develop unique research procedures. Their work profile influences how the company communicates with its customers. They keep an eye on the customer, competition, and any marketing issues that may arise. Market research analysts are compensated between 6 and 8 LPA. With time and experience, this compensation package improves.

Social Media Manager:

This is normally classified as part of the digital marketing industry, although it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Because the majority of traffic comes from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, social media management is a full-time job in and of itself. They are in charge of the organization’s social media profiles. To engage the audience and increase followers on social media platforms, they create catchy and engaging written copy as well as visual designs such as films, infographics, and photos. Their primary task is to create, edit, and post social media material in a timely manner. They keep track of site traffic and SEO numbers as well. They do trend research, plan, and implement a social media strategy that is in line with the company’s goals and targets the right audience. In India, a Social Media Manager’s typical compensation ranges between 2.4 to 10 LPA.

No business can function without a market presence, and no business can function without sales and marketing experts. With the rapid evolution of employment alternatives, the sales, marketing, and media sectors appear to be promising career options for today’s youth. A two-year MBA degree in Sales and Marketing is available at Geeta University.  Geeta is an excellent alternative for anyone seeking an MBA because of its highly qualified professors, practical-based programmers, and excellent facilities.