Career Opportunities for a Law Graduate

You can become a lawyer specializing in a specific field. Law opens up a wide spectrum of knowledge that will benefit you in all aspects of your life. There are a plethora of jobs after LLB so you can specialize in different fields.

With the current situation and the results coming from all different areas, the post-pandemic career is rightfully going to be brutal. With economic downturns, disease, police reforms, health care disparities, and the fragility of small businesses, everything will need professional legal help in the coming times. Finding the best-reputed university or college is one of the big tasks that stand in front of every candidate who wants to pursue this course. When you find the right choice for your career then it becomes quite easy for you to stand apart from the crowd. When you search for the right place then your focus should be on quality education rather focusing on quantity. One university that focuses on delivering quality education is Geeta University, Panipat, Delhi NCR. It comes from the rich lineage of Geeta Groups of Institutions with its presence since 1986. It is the best private research university, whose motive is to inculcate the best outcome-based education in all its candidates. So there are lots of top jobs after completing LLB.

The Future of Law in India

A career in law in India has undergone a massive transformation over time. Nowadays, lawyers are not only part of the courts where they defend their clients. These days, with the increase in post LLB jobs, corporate companies, IT firms, administrative services, legal agencies and corporate houses are looking for talent.

In India, lawyers are not limited to the three organs Legislature, the Executive and Judiciary. With the dynamic changes in laws, companies need to choose legal assistance that can take care of the emerging requirements in various business sectors. So let’s have a look at some of the best jobs after LLB.

Best jobs after LLB

Once you complete your law graduation, it can be either a straight LLB course or a five-year BBA LLB or BA LLB course program, all of which lead to lucrative post-LLB jobs. The important task is to do the right research and find your calling. Here is a list of the best post LLB jobs you should consider seriously. Legal representative for disputes

This is one of the best post LLB most lawyers usually opt for. If you want to become a barrister in courts you have to do either 3 year LLB course or 5 year BBA LLB or BA LLB course. This will make you eligible to become a lawyer in India.

Every law graduate must complete an internship with a law firm or a senior attorney. In general, the duration of the internship is one month. Once you’ve completed your internship, it’s important to register with the state bar board. Clear the exam conducted by the Bar Council of India and get a practice certificate to start your practice in court. You can expertise on your skills, you can expect anywhere between 5 LPA to 10 LPA.


Breaches, malicious attacks, and other fraudulent activities plague the information technology industry. Cyber ​​law thus becomes one of the sought after jobs after completing LLB. Top organizations (private and public) around the world need cyber lawyers. A cyber law expert must deal with intellectual property, data protection and privacy, cyber-crimes and electronic and digital signatures.

Cyber ​​domains mainly fall into computers, networks, and mobiles. You can opt for any certification course, diploma or degree to pursue in the field of cyber law. Individuals who have a degree in cyber law can work as a legal advisor, cyber assistant, or as a cyber-attorney. There are also top cyber law certification courses that might catch your eye.

Cyber ​​law experts can be hired by multinational corporations (MNCs), corporate businesses, government firms or public ministries, law firms and law enforcement agencies. Cyber ​​lawyer salary varies based on job profile, location and academic record. The candidate can get a package around starting 3 LPA to 5 LPA.


This is one of the best jobs after completing LLB, if you want to expand your horizons, go for business law options. You are going abroad with this career path that has a wide range of options. Every industry requires professionals who come from the field of management. If you have completed your law degree, you can earn a master’s degree in business administration. Having an MBA degree will give an advantage to candidates who are looking for top management jobs after completing LLB.

The salary bracket of individuals who have done MBA after LLB is much higher compared to people who have simple LLB degrees. A normal package can be anywhere between 5 LPA – 8 LPA depending on the type of firm you have applied for and your level of expertise.

Multinational companies, legal consultancies, newspapers, international organizations, sales tax and excise departments and regulatory bodies offer top jobs after LLB if you also have an MBA in your arsenal.


Another of the most lucrative positions after obtaining an LLB degree is that of a company secretary. After completing your LLB, enroll in one of the best company secretary courses. Recently this LLB+CS combination has become very popular and many organizations want individuals who have both qualifications. You need to apply for a certificate program offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Once you pass all the exams, you will find many job opportunities in the market.

The job profile and package you get will be lucrative. However, the combination of LLB and CS will only work in the corporate world and not in ordinary law firms. Starting salary package can be between 6 LPA to 8 LPA and will increase rapidly with experience.


We have covered potential lucrative jobs after completing LLB, but ultimately it is your passion that should lead you to a specific career path. Make sure your passion aligns with the post-law career you choose. If you feel that this is your calling, go ahead. All these post LLB jobs are waiting for promising candidates like you.

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