Career in Hotel Management - Geeta University

The enormous expansion of the hotel management sector is one of the major effects of globalisation. After completing hotel management, this expands your employment prospects. Due to India’s popularity as a tourist destination, the government is also supporting and funding the growth of the hospitality and tourism industries.

One of the most important sectors of the hospitality sector is the hotel sector. The best job possibilities in this industry are most likely to be available to the graduates of top universities of India.

About Hotel Management :

The system of management used in the hotel industry is known as hotel management. As a hotel manager, you will be in charge of managing and need to be well-versed in finances, planning, service, and administration. Although you work with a group of managers, as the hotel manager you must take the initiative and not just follow. Learning the management skills that span all facets of running a hotel business, including hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, and beverage management, is what this subject of study entails.

Future Scope in Hotel Management :

  • Food and Beverage (F&B)
  • Housekeeping
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Recreation
  • Computer Applications
  • Financial Management
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Fire Fighting

Public Relations

Eligibility for pursuing courses in Hotel Management :

  1. 10+2 from any accredited board i.e. CBSE,ICSE or any other state board in any stream.
  2. Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in hotel management.

Skills required for pursuing career in this scope :

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Discipline
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving attributes
  • Good organizational skills


Hotel Management is one of the leading course that you can opt for your brighter career.This has a wider scope in which the students can further explore the options .